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Business management, personal management, social management, financial management and so on … all are fake without mind management. Mind management is the essence of life management. According to Maharishi Patanjali “Yogasharitant Vritti Nirodha” means that Yoga is going to control all mental modifications. Mind management gives the practitioner a vision of how to interpret life and move away from worries, worries, tensions, stress, painful past, insecure future, failed relationships, mental turmoil, dissatisfaction, financial crisis and more. hmm.. hear ? the sound of yoga mind ? let’s more clarify..

“If we care about our mind, if we nurture it and if we cultivate it like a fertile rich garden, it will blossom much more than we expected. But if we remove the weeds from the root , Then peace of mind and deep inner peace will be found. Always we shall be told by an Indian master “.

Mind is self-realization, internal power. Thoughts, feelings, moods and feelings create their strong impression on the face, the outer world reflects the state of the inner world. It is a wonderful servant but the worst guru but unfortunately 90% of humans are slaves to their minds. Even fully observant thinkers use only 25% of their mental abilities. The mind should not be a master, but the person should be the master of his mind, one who has mastered his mind, he can easily master the world and the only way to calm the mind is the eight-fold path of yoga. Is the seventh stage.

Mind control is the only way to live a more purposeful and rewarding life, to love one’s self, to feel alive, to attain enlightenment because it is the most powerful force and above all the ‘best’ in all areas of life. . We certainly need to open the windows of our mind, but not so much that all the dust particles actually penetrate only enough that fresh air enters and provides oxygen to it. The only way to avoid dust is to enter the fresh air, ie only enter very good information.

Story Meditation (School Dhyanam)
Story meditation is the easiest meditation technique recommended for those who have never done a meditation before and those who have actually done a meditation, as well as they enjoy doing story meditation. As there are 70,000 thoughts going on in a person’s mind, of which 95% are the same each day, this meditation replaces those 95% thoughts with some new and creative ideas … all of it going out of the body and into the world. Is about enjoying. Ananda, the world of bliss, the world of bliss.

Surya Dhyan (Surya Dhyanam)
Sun meditation provides energy, shine, charge, activity, attraction and self control as well as self-improvement to the businessman.

Moon Meditation (Chandra Dhyanam)
Moon meditation or lunar meditation is to be done in the evening after returning from work or just before going to bed. After a busy day, busy schedules and tiring hours serve as a lunar meditation relief device.
Chandra meditation provides peace, calmness, relaxation, rejuvenation, beauty, radiance and serenity to the practitioner.

Number Meditation (Samkhya Dhyanam)
You may have experienced that sometimes even after eight hours of sleep, you do not feel fresh because your body is relaxed while sleeping, but not in mind, it gets into thinking. Deal with number meditation or Samkhya meditation number. Its all about getting involved with numbers and going beyond ideas to concur with them in the end. Number meditation takes the practitioner to a state of no thought which in turn provides real relaxation to the mind and brain.

Power Meditation (Urja Dhyanam)
According to Maharishi Patanjali, a person can charge different parts of the body and heal others with his charged touch. Power meditation activates the energy of the practitioner’s palms. Thousands of years ago, Maharishi Patanjali gave this technique of Urja Dhyanam to activate the energy of the palms and to give medicine to others through active palms … which is called Reiki in today’s context.

Introspection Meditation (Atma Darshan Dhyanam)
We usually judge others very easily, very easily we are able to find stuff and evil in different souls but we never look inside our own selves. Yogacharya Pratishthan says, “I have visited almost the whole world for my yoga camps and you know which is the most beautiful place? … my inner world?”

Introspection meditation is about knowing all, judging and improving one’s self. Introspection meditation helps the therapist find out the cause and remedy for his grief. This meditation provides for a better understanding of the worst of events, a better understanding of life, perfection in all aspects and even above all to make the practitioner work fully in all areas of life and turn him into a wonderful and loving human being. The approach provides.

Self Confidence Meditation (Self Confidence Meditation)
We usually judge others very easily, very easily we are able to find stuff and evil in different souls but we never look inside our own selves. Says Yogacharya Pratishthan, “I have visited almost the whole world for my yoga camps and you know which is the most beautiful place? … my inner world” This meditation is for those who have spent a lot of their life Have seen all the failures. Lack of confidence, along with other weaknesses. Confidence meditation gives the practitioner confidence that helps him / her to be the best at whatever he or she does. Self-confident meditation is very beneficial for school children, who know the answer but are unable to raise their hands due to lack of confidence, artists who are amazing in their art, but in front of so many audiences Loose confidence, office goers who are genuinely afraid of their bosses and for all those who loose their confidence at any moment of their lives.

Insight Meditation (Sukhmay Dhyanam)
Insight Meditation is not for beginners, for those who have mastered any meditation posture in which they can sit and then meditate. Sushma Dhyanam is a journey from concrete to abstraction.

Tratak Dhyanam
Trataka cultivation can be done only when the practitioner of trataka kriya has done it. Trataka meditation empowers the practitioner’s eyes by which he can dominate anyone and provides incredible concentration, confidence and memory.

Muladhara Chakra Dhyanam
All Chakra Meditations are for regular practitioners and not for beginners. This meditation is attained by stress, true happiness, beauty, good health, physical strength and the magnetic personality of the practitioner.

Swadhisthana Chakra Dhyanam
The Swadhisthana Chakra Dhyanam is associated with pleasure through the tongue and genital organs i.e. food and drink and sexual contact. This meditation helps in the improvement of excretion and reproductive organs disorders of the practitioner.

Anahata Chakra Dhyanam
Anahata Chakra Meditation develops unconditional love develops feelings of universal brotherhood and tolerance, treats heart and lung related diseases on a physical level, and diseases of the circulatory and respiratory tract and anemia, hypertension, asthma, bromatitis . Is extremely beneficial for tuberculosis and talmul.

Pure Chakra Dhyanam
The Visuddha Chakra Meditation provides correct understanding and differentiation where the duality of life is accepted, allowing one to flow life with joy and allow things to be as they are. On the physical level, it controls the local cords and then the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Agakya Chakra Dhyanam
Continuous practice of Agni Chakra stabilizes meditation and provides complete control over intelligence, intelligence, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, clariadness and prattan. Practitioners can also send and receive ideas through the continuous practice of practitioner cycle meditation.

Kundalini Meditation
Kundalini meditation is to be done only when the practitioner is in regular practice of other meditation and yoga practice. This meditation helps in the activation of the Kundalini and provides benefits to all the Charakas. This should be done under the expert guidance of the Guru.

Kundalini and Chakra

Kundalini, the most powerful, dormant source of energy in each and every human, coils three to two and a half times in deep sleep around the Swayambhu Linga. To participate in Kundalini classes is extremely beneficial for every person. There are a lot of myths about Kundalini as if it is something mysterious and orthodox, but in contrast Kundalini is not a mystery. According to yoga guru Bharat Bhushan Ji, “Any person who is extra ordinary and invincible in his field has awakened his Kundalini or any chakra.”

Mooladhara Charka is the asana or abode of Prana energy, Kundalini Shakti and the purpose of Yoga is to awaken the dormant Kundalini through self purification and concentration of mind, and bring it to Sahasrara through Charaka where pure energy unites with the pure. Consciousness. This is because Kundalini is the source of all energy in mankind as well as the universe, be it sexual, emotional, mental, mental or spiritual.

To control the circulation of Prana, specific areas in the body have vortices of pranic energy, called chakras. It is generally dormant and dormant. There are various chakras in which very powerful energy is contained. Once these are activated, the human has divine powers. Each chakra is a gateway to enter specific areas of the brain and some extra ordinary powers are gained by meditating and concentration doing yoga on different fours as it stimulates the flow of energy through the spinning wheel and makes them Helps activate.

When Kundalini awakens, it travels through the charkha to Sahasrara and merges with the source from which it originated. Matter and energy merge into pure consciousness in a state of intoxication, the ultimate goal of yoga.

Bharata Yoga has given the six charakas six meditations for awakening and then finally reaches Sahar to awaken the Kundalini. Before practicing chakra meditation, the practitioner needs to practice some basic meditation regularly for a month. If practiced without basic meditation, chakra meditation can harm the practitioner. Therefore it is recommended to experience Chakra meditation and Kundalini meditation only under the guidance of experienced gurus.

On the activation of Kundalini, amazing powers develop on the human and each chakra is related to different attainments and powers:

Muladhara Chakra

Located in the perineum and cervix in the male and female bodies simultaneously, the Mooladhara Chakra is the lowest of all chakras and is the place or abode of Kundalini Shakti. The Mooladhara Chakra is associated with the sense of smell and as a result of its activation tension brings true happiness, beauty, perfect health, physical strength and magnetic personality.

Swadisthana chakra

The swadisthana chakra is behind the genital organs in the spine about the width of two fingers directly above the muladhara chakra. It is associated with pleasure through the tongue and genital organs i.e. food and drink and sexual contact. Its activation suggests disorders of bowel and reproductive organs.

Manipur Chakra

Behind the navy in the spine is the Manipur Chakra. The activation of the Manipur Chakra speeds up all bodily processes. It makes the brain fast and alert, the heart rate is faster, the breathing rate is faster, it removes lethargy and depression or malfunction of the digestive system such as diabetes and indigestion, over the gastric glands, kidneys, pancreas, bile. Helps in proper functioning of the glands, provides the bladder and above all ambition, will and ability to govern and is the center of self confidence, mobility and dominance.

Anahata Chakra

Located in the spine behind the sternum, the level with the heart is the Anahata chakra, the center of unconditional love develops feelings of universal brotherhood and tolerance once it has been activated and treats diseases related to the heart and lungs on a physical level. , And is highly beneficial for patients with the circulatory and respiratory systems and anemia, hypertension, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis and talukas.

Pure wheel

At the back of the neck, just behind the pit of the throat is the purification chakra, the center of purification, which proves true understanding and differentiation, where the duality of life is accepted, allowing one to flow life with joy Is and can allow things to be as they are. At the physical level, activation of the purification cycle controls the local cords and then the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Fire cycle

In the middle brain on the right, behind the eyebrow center is Aagya Chakra. When the Aga Chakra is activated, the mind becomes stable and strong, gaining complete control over knowledge, intuition, telepathy, clairvoyance, clariadness and prawn. Practitioners can also send and receive thought transmission through the thought cycle.

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