Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala

The Gurudwara is dedicated to the memory of the eighth Guru Sri Harkishan Sahib. He visited this place on his way to Delhi. It is located on the Ambala-Narsingarh road. The Guru traveled from Ropar, Banur, Raipura and Ambala during the journey from Kiratpur to Panjokhara. On the way he gave the universal message of Guru Nanak to the disciples, who used to say on him. Near Panjokhara, a disciple said politely, “The venerable Sangam is coming to Darshan from Peshawar, Kabul and Kashmir. Please stay in Panjokhara for a few days so that they may get a chance to witness their beloved spiritual sermon. The Guru agreed to extend his stay in this village.

Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala
Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala

A scholar named Pandit, Lal Chand, was proud of his education as well as his caste. He devotionally came to see the Guru and asked, “It is said that you sit on the throne of Guru Nanak, but what do you know from the old religious books?”

Incidentally, Chhaju Ram, an illiterate black skinned village water carrier, happened to pass through that moment. Guru Harkishan asked a Dargah Mall to call him. As soon as Chhaju Ram came, the Guru asked if he would tell Pandit about Bhagavad Gita. Saying so, the Guru placed his stick on the head of the water carrier, who surprised everyone by giving a concrete commentary on the holy book. Lal Chand’s pride disappeared. He politely fell at the Guru’s feet. Both he and Chhaju Ram became disciples of the great Guru and traveled with him to Kurukshetra.

Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala
Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala

It is said that Pandit Lal Chand entered the fold of Khalsa in Guru Govind Singh’s time, and named him Lal Singh. He met on December 7, 1705, fighting the death of a hero in the Battle of Chamkaur.

According to historical records, Guru Harkrishna, on reaching the village Panlokhara, made a sand boundary and said that whoever wants to see him should stand there, preach and his will be fulfilled. A temple has been built at the site. * There are many temples in and around Kurukshetra associated with the Gurus. This place has been visited by Guru Nanak, Guru Amar Das, Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji.

Gurudwara Sri Guru Har Krishna Sahib Ji – Abhisheka by Guru Har Krishna during his stay during the journey from Kiratpur to Delhi in February 1664 by Guru Har Krishna, 10 kilometers north-east of Ambala city along the Ambala-Narsingarh route. was done. The Guru was summoned. Meet Emperor Aurangzeb. Disturbed by the summons from a large number of his followers, who were known to be a great tyrant, he followed the young master. As the caravan reached Panjokhara at the end of the third day of its journey, the Guru said to them all but the house stewards who were to return to their homes with conviction in the right of divine dispense. There lived a Brahmin, Krishna Lal or Lal Ji in Panjokhara, who was proud of his education.

Seeing the young Guru, he made sarcastic remarks that the boy who takes Krishna’s name, cannot even read Krishna’s Bhagavad Gita. Guru Har Krishna simply smiled at the ruthlessness of the Brahmin and gave the passerby, Chhajju a water-carrier, preaching the latter to the Gita. Chhaju was so dominated that Lal ji Pandit bowed his head in shame and bowed down to the Guru’s forgiveness. The Guru resumed his journey after a stay of three days at Panjokhara. A small monument raised in honor of the Guru was developed at the Gurdwara during the Sikh rule, and during the last one or two decades has become a sprawling complex with a huge hall, with a huge meal in it. Is the anchor of the Guru. Hall for staff and pilgrims, and enclosed pools and auxiliary buildings. In addition to the Sunday morning congregation, an annual fair is held on Magh Sudi 7 to 9 (January – February), commemorating the days of the Guru’s stay 300 years ago.

Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala
Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala

Guru Hargobind, Guru Tegh Bahadur and Guru Govind Singh. Of all the pilgrimage places here, Brahmassar is considered the most sacred. It is said that Brahma performed the sacrifice here. Taking a bath in a tank on the day of solar eclipse gives a person the benefit of one thousand Ashwamedha Yagyas. There is a gurudwara at the northwest end of the tank. It was built to commemorate the visit of Guru Govind Singh. Another gurudwara dedicated to the sixth Guru Sri Hargobind is located close to another holy pond, called the Sunnith Tank.

There are many other temples associated with the Gurus. When Guru Hargobind went to Kurukshetra on the occasion of solar eclipse, he met many Bibeke Sikhs, who were holding circles. He was very happy to see that he could understand Guru Nanak’s message according to his teachings. Thousands of Hindus and Sikhs visit the holy Kurukshetra on the occasion of the Kumbh Mela on solar eclipse.

Panjokhra Sahib Gurudwara-Ambala

Here Lord Krishna gave the message of the heavenly tune called Bhagavatgita to Arjuna before the start of the Mahabharata war. Haryana Tourism has set up a voyager complex at Pipli close Kurukshetra Railway Station. It offers workplaces to travelers and explorers. Other than there is a bistro, and open yards for garden parties. This certain spot is 152 Km from Delhi.

How to Reach :

By Air

Nearest Airport is Chandigarh International Airport.Which is 46 Kms away from Ambala City.

By Train

Nearest railway stations are Ambala city(3 Kms) and Ambala Cantt (8 Kms).

By Road

Ambala is on on Chandigarh to Delhi Highway which is NH1.There is regular bus service from Ambala to Chandigarh and vice versa.The visitors can tahe auto rickshaw or taxi to reach this palace.

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